Communication. With a Purpose.

More than eight years have gone by…

Working stories, managing media projects on gender and conflict in over 12 countries for several international media outlets.

Then one day, everything spiraled out of control.

A traumatic coverage in Guatemala took a toll on my emotional, physical and mental health.

I didn’t like the way my life was going.

I felt the need to change…heal.

In 2017, I began an awakening process that took me to five new countries in South and Central America to understand who I was, what I came here for, the light I can bring to this world.

But more importantly, only by doing so could then see the light my spiritual teachers and healers were already bringing to this world. And they told me what was missing for them: the how. 

  • How to reach more people,
  • How to charge for my spiritual work,
  • How to structure a business, services
  • How to live in balance with the material life,
  • How to spread the message and make a meaningful difference.

As a strategic communications consultant and alchemic storyteller, my mission is to enlighten the way. So far, I’ve worked with incredible authors, healers and speakers in Mexico, Colombia, United States and the U.K.

Boost their visibility, provide Heaven-Earth direction, communicate the purpose, market successfully the give and receive transaction, put it in writing, social media channels and more is my job.

It is important for me to acknowledge at this point that I do have another life beyond this consultancy. In this website, you will find stories in English and Spanish on my other ventures as human, lightworker, producer, entrepreneur, international relations expert.

As a woman and producer, I currently work on my third documentary project, Ser mujer en Latinoamerica, an alchemic journey on what it means to be a woman, the violence and the peace that comes from living in Latin America.

As a lightworker, my drive is to expand on my knowledge of holistic wellness and consciousness becoming a Meditation Teacher, Reiki and Theta Healing student.

In my Spanish blog, Cosmopolita Media, you will find my 10-year social experiment linking the spiritual knowledge to international affairs.

For I am a believer that world peace starts within.

Starts with you. Continues with us.

Shall we?



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