Why it’s troublesome French women’s open letter to MeToo

Reading the famous Catherine Deneuve open letter, signed by over 100 women, it is impossible not to think in race politics and cultural supremacy. French women, known for enjoying or living in a “romantic culture”, telling other non-French women how mistaken they are about “flirting”.

Telling #MeToo women that they are confusing “seduction” with sexual harassment is a sign of cultural perceptions of violence and sexual freedom.

“Seductive” practices in , a country I’ve travelled a couple of times, are not similar to those in or the .

French white women telling  activists and feminists they are wrong, confused or exaggerating their experiences shows how unequal are gender violence perceptions and how race and cultural supremacy still plays a legitimizing role.

The  movement and feminists worldwide are appalled not because of the open letter but bc media turned once again to the normative of covering French white women’s stance on feminism.

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