5 key questions for brand storytelling

Storytelling works because we, as human beings, connect through stories.

There is no denying as it is a tale as ancient as time.

The question here is not what to say but rather how to say it.

No wonder stories in Instagram and Facebook have become more popular nowadays and engagement in social media posts is directly linked to the ability to answer one or more of these five questions:

  1. What is our why?
  2. What inspires us?
  3. What challenges we face? (And how are we addressing them?)
  4. What is our history? How did we overcame obstacles or achieve success?
  5. And lastly,  how we work?

This is one of my favorite ones because it creates awareness of the behind the scenes but you have control on how much you want to share.

Focus on building trust giving your audiences a clear view of who you are and how you choose to communicate: tone, words, emotions and structure matter.

For stories to be easy to remember and powerful enough to leave an impression, honesty is key and video is king.

Show your brand’s soul, do not try to replicate what others are doing or the way they told a story.

Emotion without context is not effective so do remember your story should have a beginning (context, characters), a middle (conflicts and how they were handled), and end (results) with a call to action.

I recommend you practice daily, social media channels are good for that but if you are wary of engaging without a strategy, try launching the technique with an awareness or experiential campaign so you can feel confident on what you put out and the type of feedback you receive.

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