Own your story

Almost a year ago, I experienced a shift in my journalistic career. I could either continue covering conflict and gender stories in LatinAmerica, Caribbean & Middle East or change my life path.

After ten years watching my emotional, mental and physical health deteriorate, one year ago I chose the latter. I was scared to do so, reluctant to own the story that brought me to this point but alchemic healers and life teachers I met along the way helped me empower myself.

I found that I could not be an advocate of other people and clients stories if I did not reconcile with my voice. I learned the power of conscious communication, aiding soul entrepreneurs make a meaningful and bigger social impact around the globe.

A common problem in traditional media is that positive news barely gets exposition but social media and experiential events have turned down the walls for human connection.

As media and experiential consultant everyday I confirmed the power of good storytelling and a strong brand universe.

My invitation to you is to own your brand story, share and cherish your personal story (in the most authentic way you can) for it brought you this far and hopefully, beyond.

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