2018 was a year of preparation

The sum of all gains is this:

  1. Met inspiring female social leaders in Panama and Costa Rica and organized the first art therapy workshop of my third documentary #SermujerLatinoamerica in San Jose.⁣

    2. Took courses on sacred feminine, empowerment and sexuality with incredible masters in Colombia and Mexico Susana Perez Garcia, Andrea Garcia and Azul Anaite, among others.⁣

    3. For over 8 months I moved to Miami to make my consultancy business official and expanded my client base to female entrepreneurs in more than 5 countries in English and Spanish.⁣

    4. Offered my first conference in Miami on #SermujerLatinoamerica preliminary results of this 2-year investigation on gender based violence and gendered peace in Latin America ⁣

    6. Met many wonderful women and friends thanks to @wearemillennialwomen and @createcultivate ⁣

    7. And to finish off this year of evolution, I moved officially to Mexico this December. Here I will continue to expand on my international client base, research and speaking engagements.⁣

    I’m grateful for how 2018 taught me to:⁣

    💖Own my master number’s mission⁣
    💖Stop judging myself for my ideas⁣
    💖Make my consultancy business official⁣
    💖Grow in community⁣
    💖Nurture my life and client relationships⁣
    💖Be “ok” with being seen⁣
    💖Find Earth⁣

    What was your biggest lesson in 2018?

Published by Natalia Bonilla

Soy periodista y productora independiente de documentales sobre paz y género. En mi blog publico entrevistas, apuntes de viajes, actualizaciones de proyectos y despertares sobre lo que ocurre en el mundo.

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