The Edit: 2 Lessons on Power, Puerto Rico’s Protests

1.  Governor Ricardo Rosselló represents a two-faced coin. Street protests for 12 days focused on his figure as a possible criminal and corrupt leader but he is also being used as a scapegoat. He knows it and that is why he tried to leverage his position in power. Interesting dynamics developed after the release of #telegramgate: a new hurricane took over the mental and emotional health of Puerto Ricans. His leader would play with words and feelings in order to win time, bargain chips and clean his moral principles chart. Kant and Wilson were among the theorists that best described individual level is tied to “the great man in history” concept for which leaders personalities shape public opinion and foreign policy.
Hurricane #RickyRenuncia took over social media and his appearances only fuel the rage and desperation of those who are waiting for the storm to finally pass. We have seen only a glimpse of the toll of his personality and his behavior in the people’s psyche. ⁣

2. That leader & people relationship alter the local perception on power and #democracy. For#PuertoRicans, voting every 4 years was being active members of a “democracy”. Recent protests claimed to show government leaders, the people are really the ones with the power. Whether it is a momentum thing or not, this certainly configures the political chessboard.
Why? Protests worked this time because focus was centered on 1 person. Teaching other government representatives envolved in corruption scheme, the people are the rulers, could backfire in more violence, repression and ego’s struggling to stand out.
The fact that #WandaRenuncia hashtag is gaining popularity and the hypothesis she may resign when assuming power could truly be a mirage. Power changes people. We have seen it in history and we have seen it in TV shows like Scandal, GOT, House of Cards. In that sense power is like money, the more you have it the more it amplifies who you truly are. Whoever assumes the position now has to win legitimacy in a dark situation without any electoral or political party backing. When it occurs, go back to point 1 – individual level analysis.

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