Amazon and the limits of “morality”

Amazon fires showcases the hypocrisy of North-South relations⁣
The Bolsonaro Administration has taken a hit by the international community condemning the lack of “response” and “urgency” to end the Amazon fires. ⁣

But Bolsonaro has only pursued almost a decade long of policies aimed at stripping funds for environmental protection and diminishing land rights to indigenous people in Brazil.⁣

President Jair Bolsonaro’s leadership has been questioned by G7 leaders, particularly French President Emmanuel Macron. ⁣

Frenzy on Evo Morales partake (1.8 million acres on Bolivian soil gone)? Close to none. ⁣

Bolsonaro is against foreign intervention to help stop the fires. He claims Brazil’s sovereignty should be respected and countries from the North have destructed their own lands and no call for intervention has been issued. ⁣

Bolsonaro’s claims are not to be easily dismissed for it showcases 3 main issues to consider at this point:⁣

1️⃣The Earth’s lungs narrative: No scientific can deny the importance of the Amazon to our survival however, social media campaigns has spiraled over trying to protect it now while fires and conservative calls and marches have been going on a yearly basis. This is not a sudden threat to the Amazon, it’s been the “status quo” in the region for as long as the first colonizers arrived on land. ⁣

2️⃣ The Villain vs. The Saviors: Questioning Bolsonaro’s leadership and not Evo’s, questioning Brazil’s efforts to “control” the fires and condemning the current administration for its lack of “equipment, money, resources and even heart!” its a card issued by the West to diminish the South’s ability to “govern” itself. ⁣

3️⃣ Who’s morality to protect? What is really troublesome about this picture is that most extractive companies taking over Amazon lands are foreign. I mean, American, Chinese and even Canadian, yes. Which brings us to who’s to blame in this right or wrong issue when the Amazon has been, more than a humankind survival story, a truly awful ECONOMIC one. ⁣

In the pity party for the catastrophic consequences of these fires, we should not forget what’s been denounced since colonialism: who has the final say?

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