Womanhood & IR 1: Greta, Amazon and Climate Change

The experiences of women worldwide are connected to our own.

⁣⁣In order to see this link we need to embark on a deconstruction journey to see how the international is personal and how the personal is, ultimately, political. ⁣

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Womanhood and International Relations is a bi-weekly podcast created by Natalia Bonilla to explore the intersection of feminist theory from a personal to an international level.

The 8-episode podcast is set to create a bridge of knowledge between North and South.

To listen click here.

In this first episode we explore:

A look on ecofeminism, climate change, wildfires in the Amazon and Greta Thunberg’s activism.

  • 1:00 – An introduction to my life story and the reason why I decided to launch this podcast
  • 7:00 – A brief on ecofeminism and how it paves the way for understanding current criticism to climate change and female activism
  • 9:00 – Three main points on women and human’s relationship with nature
  • 15:00 – Brazil, Bolsonaro and the Amazon
  • 18:00 – Two concerns on Greta Thunberg’s activism
  • 20:00 – Save the dates in your calendar

Royalty Free Music Credit: Hooksounds.com

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