Women empowerment is a process of becoming

A woman who begins a journey of self-discovery: ⁣

  • ⁣FINDS VALUE in who she is as a PERSON.
  • OPENS herself up to learn how to cultivate her self-esteem, personal identity and emotional intelligence⁣
  • RECOGNIZES she doesn’t need to always DO in order to always BE⁣
  • LEARNS she is deserving of her dreams and what she wants ⁣
  • TAKES decisions and responsibility over her own life⁣⁣

However, for the empowerment process to be complete a woman must realize:⁣

  • The systemic, legal and cultural barriers hurting/condemning her development⁣
  • The history of gender violence in her nation, community and family influencing the nature of her personal or business relationships⁣

In the process of empowerment a woman ultimately finds:

  • A NEED to cultivate her inner world so she can start sharing/influencing and acting on her outer world⁣
  • A DESIRE to collaborate with other women and create support networks for sustainable growth⁣
  • A PATH to overcome her ego and unlearn bad behavioral practices hurting other women⁣
  • A CAUSE of liberation from violent laws, practices and norms and a defense of universal human rights for all ⁣

But you could say, the most important legacy of this process is a STRONG BELIEF that in whichever way her empowerment manifests: her personal journey is political.⁣

For her growth breaks other women FREE.⁣


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