Kirchnerism’s first cut is still the deepest in Argentina⁣

⁣After 12 years of rule, the country was tired of the same narratives, corruption, depletion of economic assets, apathy to foreign incentives and the lavish lifestyle of those in power.


Though successful in social policies and initiatives to address the most vulnerable communities, Nestor and Cristina’s administrations nurtured a welfare State that tarnished the “wellness” of national identity and culture.⁣

Macri came full force in 2015 with a whole different and structural plan to lift the economy but failed in the process. The thing is, you cannot hold a long-term vision without aligning first all your public policies for giving separate instructions to each agency and speaking another language at international forums was a recipe for disaster.⁣

Macri’s failure to see beyond economics was as big as his gov’t alienation towards today’s needs of his people.⁣

On the eve of #Argentina’s presidential elections, it is important not to fall on political promises and increasing social movement desires.⁣

For what’s barely talked about is how these 2 decades of lukewarm governance empowered social movements enough to speak up on the streets while the State was each year hanging by a thread for giving in too much, too little, too on the extreme and not on the balance to whoever asked for anything.⁣

Whoever wins on Sunday elections must be open to acknowledge what is extremely obvious inside/out:⁣

There is a lack of understanding of how deep was Kirchnerism’s wound.⁣

I mean, here we have people currently preferring Kirchnerism’s return (12 years were enough to create a predictable medical treatment) than giving Macri four more years to try because… why?⁣

The problem is not Macri nor Alberto, the question is how Argentina came to have an election with only these 2 viable options.⁣

To let the cancer spread or to endure the chemo, whichever is the result, on Monday we will know if Argentina’s fate will wants us to finally cry for them or will it still hold its head up high and actually say: DON’T.⁣

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