Group Mentoring: Feminine Leadership

A mentoring program for female visionaries, executives and entrepreneurs seeking to break free from limiting beliefs, manifest a new reality and create a positive ripple effect in the communities they serve.

Transformation begins September 7th.

If you are tired of trying to find your place in a man’s world; if you feel the need to lead authentically and unleash the power of your voice; and if you want to help empower other women in order to together uplift communities, this mentoring group is for you.

The program includes 5 training modules and weekly group video calls in which we will work together:

September 7th | Module 1: What is hegemonic leadership leadership and masculine power? How are women rising into power? What are the current leadership styles and theories harming females potential on their way to the “top”?

September 14th | Module 2: What is women’s empowerment? What is the history of this term and what are the criticisms towards liberal feminism views of “empowerment” North and South? What are the stages of women’s “empowerment” and how can we transit them?

September 21st | Module 3: What is the heroine’s journey? What are the female archetypes and goddesses we are activating in our daily lives? How is our relationship with “power” and “hierarchy”?

September 28th | Module 4: Healing our relationship with masculine and feminine power, how can we start? How is the expression of our wounded masculine and feminine? How can we reconnect and lead from an authentic place? How to sync with the feminine-season cycles?

October 5th | Module 5: Healing our relationship with others, how can we start? How can we find power in women circles, communities, compassion and horizontal-vertical integration?

Each week we will open a new module with video lessons and assignments as well as 2 group video calls in different time slots to accommodate as many participants as possible.

Weekly calls will be Tuesdays and Saturdays beginning September 8th.

Program includes:

✨5 modules (12 hours in total)
✨10 group video calls (1 hora cada una)
✨Access to online library
✨Progress Journal
✨Bonus Content: Rituals, meditations and activations

Program Cost: $250 USD

Limited spaces available to ensure the intimacy of the group dynamics.

Reserve your spot easily here and complete the purchase via PayPal here:

Facilitator: Natalia Bonilla is a business strategy, entrepreneurship and leadership development consultant and producer with more than 10 years of experience in gender and conflict in over 12 countries of Latin America, Caribbean and the Middle East.

With a strong commitment to women’s holistic and economic empowerment, she has produced interdisciplinary and leadership trainings, courses and multimedia projects on Feminine Leadership, Evolutionary Leadership, Female Political Leaders Around the World, Feminist Foreign Policy and Gender Violence in Latin America.

Bonilla possess a M.A. in International Relations from the University of York, a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Puerto Rico, a Pg.Dp. in Conflict and Peace Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

She is a Certified Meditation Teacher by Mujer Holistica and ThetaHealer®.

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