How to Overcome Fear of Success

Fear of Success is commonly associated with the consequences and results a woman may have if she makes her dreams a reality.

Fear of success is common in female entrepreneurs because, according to the degree of influence her culture has on her belief system, money, achievements and leadership positions will imply a symbolic loss of external approval.

At the emotional level, fear of success is linked to a lack of deservingness.

At the psychological level, two scenarios are at play here: shame or guilt of moving farther in life than her Mother figure once did (or any feminine symbol she reacts to) in order to choose progress in public domains (commonly associated with the masculine) and the heavy weight of possible rejection by masculine figures which, if she continues to rise to the top, she will be less “desirable” and seen more as “competition”.

Fear of success is linked to fear of failure.

While fear of failure is associated with our own expectations and insecurities over our personal agency; fear of success comes at play when we think about how others will react (friends, colleagues, partners and family members) to our success.

We can experience both fears at the same time.In order to work on them I recommend:✨Answer what is success to you?✨Make a revision of your history: in which ways have you sabotaged yourself, what are your emotional triggers that paralyze you or make you doubt yourself from pursuing your goals✨Make a list of priorities and the beliefs that will actually help you achieve them.✨Make a list of limiting beliefs and current habits that are not helping you become your best version.👩🏻‍💻Lastly, take a conscious decision of cultivating your faith instead of feeding your fear.Develop faith in your success and work on your support system (beliefs, habits, supporting networks) that will join you in this journey of believing in yourself, your dreams and the light you are meant to bring to this world..

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