Female Entrepreneurship & The Status Quo

Women Entrepreneurs:

To launch a startup or a new business, as a woman, is revolutionary.

In patriarchal and capitalist systems, becoming a female entrepreneur often means breaking inner and external status quos:

  • Familiar, social and cultural conditionings on “who” and “how” to “be” and “behave” as a “woman” in public and private spheres
  • Fears, stereotypes, myths and energetic/lineage wounds in relation to body, power, voice, agency, money, community, cycles and growth
  • Structural, direct and cultural norms that place unequal value on people, gifts, talents and services

Based on these and many other factors, feminine entrepreneurship can be seen or felt as “scary”, “hard” and a “lonely” process for some of us.

In part it is because we were “not meant” or “even considered” to “be” business owners in these particular systems not designed for and by us.

Another big part of this is that the “current way” to “launch” and “do” business in capitalist markets goes against our cyclical nature as women and as humans.

Our spirits are meant to be more than “just” compete, produce and work endlessly until our bodies colapse, burnout or die.

Our businesses are meant to create and deliver more than only products, profit and numbers.

Our souls and the souls of our businesses came to this Earth on a mission that usually is not limited to the standards of today’s entrepreneurial structures.

As we recognize the path of women before us and the one we are leading for ourselves and those of tomorrow, may we always remember to value the essence of who we are.

The “world around us” may want us to always remember the “lack”; may we always choose to remember “lack” is not who we are.

Are you a female entrepreneur? What has been your experience launching a business within these systems? Share below.

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