Scarcity Mindset Limits Your Impact

Women Entrepreneurs:

You are part of the 5 % of the world population seeking to make a significant difference in the communities you serve.

Taking care of your mindset is a priority.

In mainstream socio-economic systems not designed by or for us, scarcity mindset is taught as the order of the day limiting the expression of our gifts and affecting potential growth.

If there is one thing to remember here is that scarcity mindset is driven by fear.

Fear of “not having”; fear of “not being enough”; fear of “not deserving” and ultimately, fear of “not receiving”.

The word “lack” becomes usual to describe “why” we “can’t” seem to grow our potential, business, profit and impact.

Lack of money, lack of visibility, lack of resources, lack of opportunities, lack of validation, lack of love…

As an entrepreneur myself, researcher and leadership mentor, I have found scarcity mindset affects women entrepreneurs the most because our focus is not on playing to win.

We learn to “play” to “not lose”.

That, in itself, is a problem if we want to build sustainable businesses with a long-term positive impact.

Why? Because by choosing to “play” to “not lose”, we normalize “defeat” and dismiss our abundant nature and fall prey of patriarchal “market dynamics” of competition, comparison, separation, jealousy, envy and even, yes, hate.

Scarcity mindset can only take us so far, limiting our confidence and hiding our abilities to “not cause trouble”; “not be too ambitious”; “not make mistakes”; and “not be seen”.

💕Are you a female entrepreneur? What has been your experience shifting scarcity to abundance mindset? Share in the comments below.

There are many layers to uncover at the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind levels (and DNA lineage!) for it is not so easy as to say: “change your mindset today”.

But if there is a seed worth planting in this post is this one:

Is this belief system helping you and your business “grow” somehow?

If it is not and you are ready to work on this fear, remember: you have the power of choice.

You can choose today to work on your mindset.

Your dreams deserve a chance.

You deserve a chance: expand. 

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