FFP Research in Australia and the Global South, An Interview with Alice Ridge and Liz Gill-Atkinson

What influences the announcement and design of a feminist foreign policy? How “efficient” and “important” is the use of the word “feminism” in this field? How it affects ffp implementation and domestic and international environments? What are some key critiques, debates and decolonial views on current ffps coming from the Global South?

In Australia, there is an Australian Feminist Foreign Policy Coalition being convened amidst domestic and international security concerns from COVID-19, GBV and First Nations to the recent AUKUS pact. How could Australia’s foreign policy benefit from feminist perspectives? Why enabling an environment of civil society conversation of ffp support the “soft landing” of a possible ffp announcement in the future?

An interview with Alice Ridge, Senior Research, Policy and Advocacy Advisor, and Liz Gil-Atkinson, Research Advisor at the International Women’s Development Agency.

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