Roundtable Discussion: Countering Militarized Masculinities for Feminist Peace

In which ways militarization and militarized masculinities affect our cultures, states and social structures? How the patriarchal pact shapes perceptions of “manhood” from an early age?

Why is it hard for societies and/or states to “properly” address or deconstruct militarized masculinities – and the continuum of violence – IF and WHEN seeking to advance feminist peace?

A roundtable discussion with Dean Peacock, Director Countering Militarized Masculinities at WILPF; Guy Feugap, Director of Programmes at WILPF Cameroon; Oswaldo Montoya, Networks Associate at MenEngage; and Diana Salcedo, Director of WILPF/LIMPAL Colombia. Translation possible by WILPF collaborator Ada Volkmer.
Listen to my latest podcast episode here

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