Accelerator Program

Accelerator Program Soul Branding w:Natalia Bonilla


If you are a lifewellness or a lightworker entrepreneur ready to step up your brand’s legacy, join this adventure for holistic growth.

This 12-week Accelerator Program is aimed to ignite your fire and help you connect beyond the strategic planning and traditional marketing campaigns.

We will engage in individual and group consultancy sessions with peer – to peer exchanges on:

Soul Branding
+ Experiential Marketing
Abundance Mindset, Gratitude & Manifestation
+ 5 elements & chakras alignment for Career Expansion
+ Balance Masculine/Feminine Energies in your Favour
+ Public Speaking
+ Meaningful Events Production

We will hold group Masterclasses and Networking in Downtown #Miami.

Your brand has a life of its own, are you ready to live it to its fullest?

Here is how we will work together:


MAY 2018

Consulting Sessions: Your Soul’s Brand

Your brand has a life of its own. You may know your “why” but the key to make a true impact in the community you are serving is to look within. Guess what? You can only know your brand as deep as your team knows itself. In this 4-hour workshop we will work on finding the essence, breathing life into your strategic vision through the 5 senses (and the magic beyond) and understand the power behind good storytelling. Your products and services are here for a reason.

Group Masterclass: Linking your Soulful Message and your Abundance Mindset

JUNE 2018

Consulting Sessions:  Experiential Design and Planning

Experiential events are taking the world by storm because of their power to create powerful memories in people. We schedule dates, pay huge amounts of money, travel to different countries to feel connected, to grow and expand. Is your brand fulfilling its mission this way? Are you striving to understand how to build a genuine connection with your customers? We will go through the fundamentals of your brand essence and how it can expand through experiential marketing and production. We will look at top case studies, current 2018 trends, the scope of your industry and design a campaign directly to engage and increase loyalty and sales.

Group Masterclass: Gratitude Mindset for Team & Customer Relationship Development

JULY 2018

Consulting Sessions: Content and Event Production

It is time to get your message across and start fulfilling your promise under new carefully crafted experiences. We will go through pairing your content and work processes with your brand’s soul and maximize the impact of your events through experiential marketing and production. If you are looking to renew or launch local, national or international media exposure this is something we will definitely cover this month.

Group Masterclass: Spreading Your Brand’s Joy through Public Speaking & Media Engagement


Consulting Sessions: Evaluation and Round-Up Cycle

In four months we have grown individual and collectively as a group therefore we will look at what worked and didn’t and more importantly, which connections and memories we want to instill in our future. We will measure the impact of our actions and how to tune-in to the execution of our campaigns and what’s to come beyond this program.

Group Masterclass: Redefining Success & Growth: The Legacy of Your Brand

Enrollment ends on May 4th. Due to the nature of this program, there are limited spaces available.

To schedule a free information session and receive more information on the program, costs and payment plans please contact: nbmediaprojects [at] gmail [dot]com.