Womanhood & IR 5: The Nuclear Question

A look on US-Iran tensions, masculinity, nuclear disarmament and the concept of revolutionary love. An interview with Rebecca Irby, Founder of the PEAC Institute.

Womanhood & IR 4: Being a woman of color in foreign policy

A look on what it means to be a female from a U.S. minority in the International Relations field. An interview with Vannary Kong, U.S. Delegate of the Youth G20 in Tokyo, Japan.

¡Abrimos inscripciones! Pack Intensivo: Feminismo y Política Internacional

Descubre por qué dicen que…“La política internacional es un mundo de hombres”

Womanhood & IR 2: Peace Equalizers?

3 Questions on Women’s Roles in Times of War and Peace A look on women’s relevance in international affairs, women’s role in peace processes and when and how states/media/society/we are cancelling them (and each other) out.