Womanhood & IR 2: Peace Equalizers?

3 Questions on Women’s Roles in Times of War and Peace A look on women’s relevance in international affairs, women’s role in peace processes and when and how states/media/society/we are cancelling them (and each other) out.

Upcoming Interview: Guatemala’s Women and Criminal Justice

On September 26th, I will interview sociology expert and PhD student Laura Iesue on criminal justice and gender based violence in Guatemala.

Womanhood & IR 1: Greta, Amazon and Climate Change

The experiences of women worldwide are connected to our own. ⁣⁣In order to see this link we need to embark on a deconstruction journey to see how the international is personal and how the personal is, ultimately, political. ⁣

Repaso Histórico: Top 5 países con mayor igualdad de género

¿Cuál es el historial de Islandia, Noruega, Suecia, Finlandia y Nicaragua en reconocimiento y garantía de derechos de las mujeres?