Open Call for Applications: Strategy Mentoring Program 2020

After three years of offering 1:1 coaching programs I have created a 8-week process to help you organize your business, develop mindset and leadership skills and increase your sales and impact while receiving support from me and peers like you with incredible organizations across the world.

The Business Strategy Mentoring Program for Female Entrepreneurs is set to guide you in creating a simple, sustainable and meaningful business model with individual 1:1 sessions and group mentoring calls.

Are you seeking strategic growth? Book a free 15 min. diagnostics session with me today here: https://calendly.com/nbmediaprojects

Mentoría en Estrategia para Emprendedoras en 2020 NB


Feminine Leadership

Survey: Female Social Entrepreneurship in 2020

The more I interview female entrepreneurs, the more I see how many answers lie within us and how much potential we have to change the world.

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Gendered Peace, Women Empowerment, Women in the World, World Politics

Womanhood & IR 5: The Nuclear Question

A look on US-Iran tensions, masculinity, nuclear disarmament and the concept of revolutionary love. An interview with Rebecca Irby, Founder of the PEAC Institute.

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