Womanhood and International Relations is a bi-weekly podcast created by Natalia Bonilla to explore the intersection of feminist theory from a personal to an international level. 

The podcast is set to create a bridge of knowledge between North and South.

Listen here: https://anchor.fm/natalia-bonilla

In her own words,

“Since I began my #journalism career in #PuertoRico, I had a line of professors, editors and colleagues tell me often that “nobody cared” about international news in the island and that a woman was “crazy” for dreaming to report the world. ⁣

Ten years later, after working for several international media outlets reporting gender and conflict stories in more than 12 countries, I am not set now to prove no one wrong. ⁣

I am set to use my voice, my knowledge and experience for the greater good.⁣

How so? Doing what I do best: asking questions and inviting you to do the same.⁣

The experiences of women worldwide are connected to our own. ⁣

In order to see this link we need to embark on a deconstruction journey to see how the international is personal and how the personal is, ultimately, political. ⁣

I look forward to connect with you on a deeper level no matter where you are in the world. ⁣

Let’s explore our humanity together. ⁣”