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For entrepreneurs & visionaries

Holistic Project Management Program

3-Month Program to help you and your business:

  • Develop a strong Strategic Plan
  • Gain clarity on your products and revenue systems
  • Launch a solid communications and marketing plan
  • Work on mindset blocks on: organization, service, money and relationships

For women seeking clarity & empowerment

Vision & Empowerment Program 

4 Sessions to help you discover:

  • Your Life’s Purpose
  • Your Ikigai
  • Your 2019 Strategic Plan & Long-Term Goals
  • Your Enneagram
  • Your Healing from Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Your Time Management & Productivity Habits

For journalists 

Workshops in English and Spanish to shed light on new ways of communication.

  • Conflict Sensitive Reporting
  • International Reporting
  • Media Literacy 101