A soulful approach to selling

I've been following Yvette Luciano's work for more than a year now but last December I read once again her book Soulpreneurs just to find an easy tip on marketing and selling. Since self-belief and money blocks are issues we commonly address in our sessions, please find below some of her drops of wisdom: A soulful approach to selling is "Sharing".We sell … Continue reading A soulful approach to selling

2018 was a year of preparation

The sum of all gains is this: Met inspiring female social leaders in Panama and Costa Rica and organized the first art therapy workshop of my third documentary #SermujerLatinoamerica in San Jose.⁣⁣2. Took courses on sacred feminine, empowerment and sexuality with incredible masters in Colombia and Mexico Susana Perez Garcia, Andrea Garcia and Azul Anaite, among others.⁣⁣3. … Continue reading 2018 was a year of preparation

¿Cuándo me convertí en una entrepreneur?

A los 17 años, cuando fundé y presidí el primer Club de Periodismo y periódico estudiantil de mi colegio. Mi pasión por el periodismo internacional me llevó a ser interna de varios medios universitarios y digitales cuyos editores hombres me decían que “una mujer no podía reportar asuntos internacionales” y que “al puertorriqueño no le … Continue reading ¿Cuándo me convertí en una entrepreneur?