Time Management 101

Time is more valuable than money. It is the one resource we can't get back. Learning how to manage your time says much about how you value your life. What does a life without proper time management  look like? Putting out fires frequentlyStressTense relationshipsBad communicationSaying "yes" to everyoneLack of self-disciplineLack of motivationProcrastination Multi-tasking Feeling overwhelmed You have … Continue reading Time Management 101

2018 was a year of preparation

The sum of all gains is this: Met inspiring female social leaders in Panama and Costa Rica and organized the first art therapy workshop of my third documentary #SermujerLatinoamerica in San Jose.⁣⁣2. Took courses on sacred feminine, empowerment and sexuality with incredible masters in Colombia and Mexico Susana Perez Garcia, Andrea Garcia and Azul Anaite, among others.⁣⁣3. … Continue reading 2018 was a year of preparation

¿Cuándo me convertí en una entrepreneur?

A los 17 años, cuando fundé y presidí el primer Club de Periodismo y periódico estudiantil de mi colegio. Mi pasión por el periodismo internacional me llevó a ser interna de varios medios universitarios y digitales cuyos editores hombres me decían que “una mujer no podía reportar asuntos internacionales” y que “al puertorriqueño no le … Continue reading ¿Cuándo me convertí en una entrepreneur?