Instagram Live: Strategic Planning 101

Strategic Planning 101 for Business and…Life?⁣ Yes!

Join me this Thursday May 23rd 11 am EST in an Instagram Live to talk about:⁣

  • What is the difference between a plan vs. strategy vs. strategic plan⁣
  • How to choose the best goals for long-term vision and timeframe⁣
  • Why a strategic plan benefits your manifesting potential⁣

If you are seeking to organize your ideas, find the structure to keep you motivated and learn mindset hacks to push beyond limiting beliefs to achieve business or life goals, let’s talk this Thursday. 

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Plan vs. Strategy

⁣It is easier to make a plan than to develop a strategy.

A plan is a list of action steps to achieve a goal.

When we are planning we are thinking of 1 option, 1 route that will lead us to where we want to go.

But often, plans crash.

They crash because team members, timing, resources and environmental factors play a big part on how things will happen. ⁣

If we just focus on this way of thinking, we will waste too much time and energy on plan A, B, C. ⁣ Doubts will chime in, slowing things down.⁣

A strategy is different to a plan for it is dynamic in nature.

It is the design of a long-term roadmap open to evolution. ⁣

A plan is

  • Short-term
  • Focused on achieving one objective
  • Static in nature
  • Organized action steps

A strategy is…

  • Long-term
  • Focused on achieving several objectives
  • Dynamic in nature
  • Evolving with several plans and options
  • Organized taking in consideration people, time, efforts and resources
  • Open to situation and risk analysis

We can use a plan for each business or life objective. ⁣

We can use a strategy to uphold the energy of the mission and vision.