Gendered Peace, Women Empowerment, Women in the World, World Politics

Womanhood & IR 5: The Nuclear Question

A look on US-Iran tensions, masculinity, nuclear disarmament and the concept of revolutionary love. An interview with Rebecca Irby, Founder of the PEAC Institute.

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Women in the World, World Politics

Womanhood & IR 1: Greta, Amazon and Climate Change

The experiences of women worldwide are connected to our own.

⁣⁣In order to see this link we need to embark on a deconstruction journey to see how the international is personal and how the personal is, ultimately, political. ⁣

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Interview for the Millennial Women Talk Podcast

Deeply honored and grateful to be part of the Millennial Women Talk podcast with such amazing ladies, already available on iTunes and Spotify.

Thank you to Melissa and Stephanie Carcache for inviting me to this rich conversation on female entrepreneurship and migration for career expansion and personal development.

Let this be a blessed beginning for more soul talks and sorority!

Our stories, voices and experiences, similar or diverse, matter.