Free Webinar: 3 Ways to Lead with Purpose

Are you unsure on what sets your soul on fire? Have you lost sense of why you became an entrepreneur? Do you know how to lead effectively by connecting your business vision, mission and core values with your team, clients and tribe’s heart?

Instagram Live: Strategic Planning 101

Strategic Planning 101 for Business and…Life?⁣ Yes! Join me this Thursday May 23rd 11 am EST in an Instagram Live to talk about:⁣ What is the difference between a plan vs. strategy vs. strategic plan⁣ How to choose the best goals for long-term vision and timeframe⁣ Why a strategic plan benefits your manifesting potential⁣ IfContinue reading “Instagram Live: Strategic Planning 101”

Plan vs. Strategy

⁣It is easier to make a plan than to develop a strategy. A plan is a list of action steps to achieve a goal. When we are planning we are thinking of 1 option, 1 route that will lead us to where we want to go. But often, plans crash. They crash because team members,Continue reading “Plan vs. Strategy”