With a passion for conscious communications, I believe in the power of a good story and the experiences we provide people because of it.

As a media producer and consultant,  below is a list of services I can provide your enterprise for impact:

Media Training & Consultancy

Training packages are available for young and established enterprises and CEOS/executives to learn about:

  1. How national and international media works: Agenda-setting and timing
  2. Messaging: Develop key messages and propel them throughout different media channels
  3. Public Speaking Essentials: Beyond your message, master the basics of tone of voice, key words and body language
  4. Preparing for your Big Moment: Techniques to succeed before, during and after your interview to control your message and create valuable quotes and content worth sharing 
  5. Social Media Buzz:  How to effectively deliver your message cross-platforms once traditional media interviews are over

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Content & Media Production 

Create, produce and deliver impactful news and media projects such as: news reports, multimedia reports, radio sections, documentaries, transmedia projects (including awareness campaigns).

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Events Production

Develop, coordinate and deliver online and offline discussion, arts for social good and fundraising international events.