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Womanhood & IR Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast created by Natalia Bonilla to explore the intersection of feminist theory from a personal to an international level.


Feminist Theory Applied to IR

Women’s Rights, Feminist Foreign Policies, Hegemonic Masculinity & Hegemonic Femininity, Colonial Mindset, The Evolution of Women World Leaders


  • Ambika Vishwanath & Priyanka Bhide, Kubernein Initiative
  • Verena Demmelbauer, Women Engage for a Common Future
  • Kara Stuart, Women’s Climate Justice Collective in Australia
  • Dr. Roudabeh Kishi, ACLED
  • Vannary Kong and Jennifer Zhang, The World Is Watching – Black Lives Matter
  • Marissa Conway, Centre for the Feminist Foreign Policy UK
  • Dr. Pauline Stolz, Transnational Memories in Indonesia
  • Hannah Ruth Dyson, Soul Seed Gathering
  • Kimberly Loh, Conflict Resolution Specialist

Ser Mujer Global Podcast

Un podcast de exploración de cómo lo personal es político y, a su vez, internacional.


  • Antropocentrismo e Interseccionalidad con Annette Pérez, Afronteradas
  • Reforestando el Corazón con Lorena Gómez
  • Ecologismo Popular y Decolonialidad del Desarrollo con Olmedo Carrasquilla