4 stages of women empowerment⁣

⁣The 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing 1995 offered new dimensions on women’s empowerment at the individual and collective level.⁣

Individual: Referring to a woman’s inner power, her self-image, identity and psychological/emotional strength to assume responsibility over the life she wanted to live.⁣

Collective: Referring to the extent by which governments, laws, institutions or local communities allowed or not women’s personal growth, social development and decision-making.⁣

But these levels of analysis implied 4 areas of work, according to a 2007 report by the Women and Development Commission:⁣

  •  The power of having: Lands, jobs, money, security, technology, educational opportunities, access to resources⁣
  • The power of knowing: Education, leadership skills and practices, critical analysis, cognitive/emotional/psychological intelligence⁣
  • The power of wanting: Inner power, psychological and spiritual strength to overcome fears, achieve goals and dreams, develop self-confidence and improves one’s image⁣
  • The ultimate power: Decision-making, taking responsibilities, holding herself and other accountable, releasing fear and acting free of judgement using wisely her other three resources of acquired strength⁣

Therefore, women’s empowerment is more inner than outer work. It’s not simply cheering each other up and patting others in the back by how beautiful or strong they “look”.⁣

It is a road of transformation to be continued everyday not just on special occasions.⁣

It is a call to free ourselves from society’s chains, family pressures, economic or capitalist directions with compassion towards ourselves and others.⁣

The act of empowering is revolutionary in itself. It can easily be diluted in superficial campaigns because it implies releasing old patterns/ways of thinking-behaving and being responsible enough to create a new world for one self.⁣

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