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  • Roundtable Discussion: Countering Militarized Masculinities for Feminist Peace

    Roundtable Discussion: Countering Militarized Masculinities for Feminist Peace

    In which ways militarization and militarized masculinities affect our cultures, states and social structures? How the patriarchal pact shapes perceptions of “manhood” from an early age? Why is it hard for societies and/or states to “properly” address or deconstruct militarized masculinities – and the continuum of violence – IF and WHEN seeking to advance feminist […] Read more

  • Feminist Foreign Policy 2.0? Germany Announces Its FFP Model

    Feminist Foreign Policy 2.0? Germany Announces Its FFP Model

    Are we reaching the next era of Feminist Foreign Policies? In response to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, is Sweden’s pioneer formula the “safe” way to go for states in Europe? If so, if not, why? A commentary on the latest announcement of Germany first ffp model. Listen to my latest podcast episode here Follow on Instagram, Twitter […] Read more

  • FFP Research in Australia and the Global South, An Interview with Alice Ridge and Liz Gill-Atkinson

    What influences the announcement and design of a feminist foreign policy? How “efficient” and “important” is the use of the word “feminism” in this field? How it affects ffp implementation and domestic and international environments? What are some key critiques, debates and decolonial views on current ffps coming from the Global South? In Australia, there […] Read more

  • Female Entrepreneurship & The Status Quo

    Women Entrepreneurs: To launch a startup or a new business, as a woman, is revolutionary. In patriarchal and capitalist systems, becoming a female entrepreneur often means breaking inner and external status quos: Familiar, social and cultural conditionings on “who” and “how” to “be” and “behave” as a “woman” in public and private spheres Fears, stereotypes, […] Read more

  • Scarcity Mindset Limits Your Impact

    Women Entrepreneurs: You are part of the 5 % of the world population seeking to make a significant difference in the communities you serve. Taking care of your mindset is a priority. In mainstream socio-economic systems not designed by or for us, scarcity mindset is taught as the order of the day limiting the expression of […] Read more

  • How to Overcome Fear of Success

    Fear of Success is commonly associated with the consequences and results a woman may have if she makes her dreams a reality. Fear of success is common in female entrepreneurs because, according to the degree of influence her culture has on her belief system, money, achievements and leadership positions will imply a symbolic loss of […] Read more